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Sun Brunch 10a-2p

About The Plum Cafe & Bakery

Plum Cafe is a celebration of lovingly prepared plant-based foods. We create eclectic full-flavored Cuisine using non-GMO, local foods. Most of our menus items are made from scratch in our kitchen--our own vegan, non-dairy cheese, mayonnaise, sauces, veggie burger and more. We're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days per week.

Our service is an extension of honoring each guest's well-being: friendly, informative and caring. Upon entering Plum Cafe, we welcome you with a warm smile and friendly greeting worthy of the trust you've shown in choosing our food to enter your body "temple." Our philosophy is summed up as: Plum Cafe serves a healthy heart, plant-based diet optimal for overall well being that fills your taste buds with joyous flavors.

Our dedication to Service is carried even further because the Plum Cafe plant-based menu also serves the planet. We are committed to ecologically sound, sustainable, best practices of restaurant and collaborative business operation. We model how to treat Our Guests and Our Earth through serving food that is not only delicious and healthy, it reduces environmental impact and creates a positive net-effect on the planet: We use compostable containers, recycle, make ongoing improvements to reduce our energy use and cut our food waste to the minimum.

Our dedication and commitment to a plant-based, Vegan restaurant business not only eliminates needless animal suffering it rectifies ecological harm. The SunCafe Organic commitment is practical and makes a real difference compared to an equally busy traditional restaurant. In the last 12 months alone we saved: 
• 50 Plus million gallons of water
• 8,000 animals
• 110,000 Plus pounds of CO2 gasses

At Plum Cafe we take pride in our Service to our Guests and Customers, their Health and Well-Being and Our Planet. 

Owners of The Plum Cafe & Bakery


Rey has created and managed two successful baking manufacturing businesses over the last 15 years. His SunFlour Baking gluten-free cookies are sold nationwide and in Canada. He co-wrote co-designed, and published three children's books: "The Organic Adventures of Tucker Tomato," "Benny Brontosaurus Goes to a Party," and "Benny Beansprout Doesn't Eat Meat."

Rey has conducted cooking segments on local TV appearances and continues to be active in the animal welfare community throughout California.

Creator and formulator of nearly 100 unique vegan/vegetarian recipes in the baking industry including wheat-free, gluten-free cookies, fat-free, and sugar-free varieties. Has sold millions of cookies worldwide, including on many major airlines.

Contact: info.service @plumcafebakery.com


Ron is owner/chef of SunCafe, winner of multiple culinary awards for its unique organic cuisine featuring both raw food and vegan-cooked food. (SunCafe was voted best raw restaurant L.A. 2010 and #3 in the world by BestOfRaw, Top 10 Los Angeles Restaurants for Lunch by Open Table, Best Smoothie by SeriousEats.com, Best vegan restaurant World Vegan Day).

Ron began cheffing during college which led him to become a vegetarian. It's been 35 years since he's eaten any meat. Over those years, he's continually developed healthier versions of traditional foods and unique dishes of his own inspiration.

Ron teaches weekly raw food cooking classes and has appeared on ABC News, Blythe Raw Live and Japanese Television.

info.service @plumcafebakery.com